Tuesday, 28 September 2010

ULSS Doctoral School - Day 7

Emanuela Merelli (University of Camerino) talked about agent-based modelling in Systems Biology and how large-scale systems biology simulations could be seen as an ULSS. Systems biology aims to understand how biological molecules in living systems integrate to form complex systems and how these systems function and evolve. This is done at both an intra-cellular and inter-cellular level by simulating events that have been discovered from data gathered from genomics, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic experiments. They want to create multi-level models ranging from individual cells to complete organisms; these models can then be used in drug research to understand the effects and side-effects of drugs (e.g. to develop personalised medicine). The second part of the talk was a general introduction to agent based simulations and its main concepts.

For those who are interested in Systems Biology, Emanuela recommended a book called The Music of Life by Denis Noble (2008).

Domenico SaccĂ  (University of Calabria) talked about workflow management systems in distributed architectures, where the goal is to manage the flow of work such that the work is done at the right time and by the right person/component.

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