Wednesday, 22 September 2010

ULSS Doctoral School - Day 3

Dave Cliff kicked off day 3 with a story of technology failures and snapshots of engineering failures in history. He also talked about the NY stock exchange crash on 6-May-2010 when in one day, 1 trillion dollars disappeared and then re-appeared in the market. The rest of the first talk was the LSCITS story, why it was started and where it’s going...

Lecture 2 was about Market-Based LSCITS and data centre resource management using market-based approaches (e.g. cooling units and servers all trade their “offerings” in an artificial market in the data centre). Dave took us through a brief background in economics and trading then described his work that lead to the to the ZIP trading algorithm.

Lecture 3 was about the growth, scale and failure of LSCITS and summarised a dozen books about: the problem (e.g. Eating the IT Elephant, 2008), the scale of the problem and what happens if it’s not addressed (e.g. Management of Scale, 1992; The Challenger Launch Decision, 1997), and how resilient engineering can address some of the problems (e.g. Resilient Engineering, 2006). The books and papers from Dave’s talk can be found on his Mendeley page.

Overall, a day full of pointers and ideas that sparked a lot of discussion amongst the students.

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